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It’s “crazy” Spurs only beat Arsenal 1-0, says Harry Kane


New Movie 20178 American ''Before I Fall''

หนังใหม่ The story is adapted from the bestselling novel. Written by Lauren Oliver, the director of "russo" (nobody walks) brings the script to Maria Magenta and starts to shine more. And the formula of teen movies.

[Image: before-i-fall-2.jpg]

Then it's part of the cast. Zoe Dutchy (everybody wants some!) Plays the role of Sam Kingston, a high school girl who died in a car accident. But the next morning. She wakes up and finds herself in the morning of the same day as her accident. This is the way that I do not know when it ends. What will you learn from this? Have you ever watched a movie like this before?
Return to Sam's way of life at Russo Academy. - The director also revealed to us her gang of Lindsay (Halston), Elle (Cynthia), and Elodie (Medallion Rahim) is a gang of school girls. They often persecute Juliet Sykes (Elena Cameron), whom they are very happy about. Before the incident happened, when their car accident. Maybe that is destiny.

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